About Us

The New Way to success. advance. progress.

HSA for Software and Automation is an Iraqi IT solutions company providing innovative, best-in-class consulting,IT solutions and Outsourcing services. Commitment to quality, professional approach and focus on providing exceptional value to our customers are the things that make us special.

Why HSA ?

HSA is a business solution company which provides solutions for ERP implementation, support and development, integrated solutions with SAP, Mobile applications solutions we can insure.

· Business added value
· Best practices
· Experience
· Security
· Quality
· Reality
· Speed
· Price

Who We Are

HSA has been started in year 2003 with a vision of providing quality IT solutions. Since then we have worked on numbers of projects both small and large, which gives us a chance to learn and provide solutions that are not just exceptional but gives enhanced value to our customers from their IT investments. We provide affordable & innovative solutions for achieving superior business results that not only helps our clients solve given challenges, but also enable them to cut costs,streamline business operations,respon for market opportunities and enhance customer service.

Our Vision

To help customers achieve their business objectives by providing innovative, best-in-class consulting, IT solutions and services.

Our Business Value

HSA believes in creating and delivering value. If some software doesn’t give you results, or is unreliable, then that piece of code is just a scrap. Hence, we focus on delivering value from each project we work on.

Our Mission

• Provide solid IT solutions that helps solves given business challenges
• Focus on quality and enhancing customer value
• Offer affordable, professional, cost-effective, reliable and timely
software and web development outsourcing services
• Tailor made software that is made to suite your business
• Preserves competitive edge at the same time utilize power of IT to transform business processes
• Provides greater flexibility for growth
• Improved overall efficiency, by reducing bottlenecks, duplication of work, etc.
• Enhanced control on business processes, expenses, etc...
• Enables better and timely customer service
• Effective decision making by leveraging data collected at all locations
• Leverage newer technologies for business advantage

Our Work Methodology

We strive to deliver results that create values to our customers in whatever we do. Be it consulting, IT solutions or services, our focus is always creating value. Our Core Values like client value creation, integrity and transparency, respect for individual, excellence, leadership, learning and sharing helps us to focus on our mission of meeting our vision. We work within a flat organization, where we have team leaders and members who work together to achieve team objectives that are in line with organizational objectives. Each team leader is responsible for his performance as well as team performance. Each team leaders and members are further monitored and mentored by our top management team so that they remain focused and motivated to provide their best. We undertake in-house as well as industry training programs to improve our level of knowledge, skills and expertise. We follow industry proven project management techniques that helps us meet our project objectives and deadlines for each project we do.